Tuesday, 14 June 2011

I did it


I did it
I have rid myself of you from my life
I know you may actually love me
And some how in your strange way care about me
Yet through all this I am not going to stay

I’ve left; I’ve gone.
I’m not going to hang around for you to come to your senses
Why should I?

I could fill this page with hateful stabbing words
But why, why waste my energy on someone like you?

I walked through the park on Monday,
Each step I was letting you go.
An angel came to me that day,
Its gentle hand helping me to move on,
I tied a ribbon to a tree,
With a wish for you
I wished for you to be happy and maybe find a love you deserve.
From that day
I have not looked back.

If you ever should read this
Yet that is very unlikely
I would have you know that through all this,
I won’t shut you out of my life
I just will never go back to being your lover.

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